10-year old girl Farishta raped

10-year old girl Farishta being raped and murdered in Islamabad


Islamabad: it is seriously disgusting and heartrending to receive news’ about girls being raped and later on killed in major cities of Pakistan. What has happened to humanity? Where is the law?

After Zainab, a similar case of a 10-year old girl named Farishta has been registered in the police station. She is being raped and later on killed by some unknown individuals in Islamabad.

The police officials are yet unable to arrest her murderer.

The sources revealed that the girl was missing from May 15. The family tried to seek police help regarding the matter. However, police took 4 days to register her case and to file an FIR about her missing.

The family sources also revealed that first police refused to register the case as they were not taking it seriously. They were misunderstanding her missing with elopement.

During all this, the dead body of the girl was being discovered from some bushes in Islamabad. The body was being shifted to the Polyclinic Hospital in Islamabad.

The autopsy report revealed that the girl was being raped and then murdered brutally.

The family held a protest against all the police officials after calling them responsible for this misshape.

The family wants justice for their daughter.

Inquiries have been made to trace the killer. It is also reported that the police has got some clues about the murderer and soon will be able to arrest him.

Further investigations are under process.

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