$100 Million Investment in Pakistan by Huawei in 2019

$100 Million Investment in Pakistan by Huawei in 2019: Planning Regional Headquarters in Islamabad


The Chinese leader in smartphones, Huawei has recently disclosed that it will be investing $100 million dollars in Pakistan during this year, as per a senior official.

This investment will be used in upgrading Huawei’s technical support center in Pakistan. Furthermore, they want to establish regional headquarters located in Islamabad.

Recently a meeting took place between Minister Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar of Planning & Development and Mark Xueman, the Huawei Group’s Vice President.

Mr. Xueman stated that Pakistan poses to be a crucial market for Huawei and China. Thus, the company plans to establish headquarters in Islamabad for the South Asian region.

The cost of this project will be approximately $55 million, whilst it will be creating job opportunities for many young engineers throughout Pakistan.

Besides Makhdum Khusro, (Minister of Planning and Development), Zafar Hasan (Planning Secretary) and Hassan Daud Project Director (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) attended the meeting to discuss the investing plans.

Huawei’s Vice President stated that the company will further invest $15 million for its Pakistani technical support center. He added that it will be hiring more employees. This will increase its staff from the current 600 – 800 in this year.

He expressed Huawei’s eagerness to start more projects in the country by using grant funding provided by the Chinese government.

Minister Khusro Bakhtyar expressed his appreciation towards Huawei’s continuous efforts in equipping Pakistan with modern infrastructure and technology.

He added that the globe’s leading telecom giant will be boosting the ICT (Information & Communications Technology) sector in Pakistan.

The Minister disclosed that Huawei doesn’t just own a share of 25% in Pakistan’s mobile phone industry, but poses to be the Chinese company which pays the most tax too.

The Pakistan government is eagerly anticipating Huawei’s contribution towards its e-governance initiative and the centralization of data towards the improvement of efficiency & productivity.


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