11-year-old Muslim girl from Iran Left Behind Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking in Mensa IQ Tests.


Wisdom is not fixed for some specific person only; anyone can give extra ordinary performance anytime. Same thing we saw recently when an eleven years old girl from Iran named as Tara Sharif.

Currently, she is living in the UK and a student of Aylesbury High School. Tara attempted all non-verbal questions within the given time frame. She performed extraordinary performance in understanding the complex words combination.

Member of High IQ Society:

Its true intelligence is really a valuable asset if someone has.  Tara is now a member of Mensa meaning that she will get a status in “High IQ society” and its great honor for any person who is in the education sector.

Tara also said that she wants to do something big in the field of mathematics.

Above Average Benchmark:

She got highest marks in Mensa IQ test and left behind the world’s famous historic personalities names as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Tara achieved a total of 162 points score. Now we can say she is above the average benchmark where we see 140 normal highest score but she proved it wrong.

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