114 by Insomnia Kitchen


What if your stomach desires a palatable meal at 2 am? You would probably die of hunger if not been provided with food at that time. Well, if your freezer contains the stuff according to your requirements then it’s pretty good. But, wait, what if you found nothing in your freezer at midnight? The idea itself is quite haunting especially for those who can’t sleep at night because their stomach wants more to grab.

Well, here I would help you by introducing something delicious and worth trying at the midnight hours. 114 by Insomnia Kitchen is all the way established to meet your midnight cravings. A multi-cuisine late night restaurant, with a cozy environment and positive vibes, is exactly perfect for an easier and happy-go dining experience. The calmness, the taste, and quality should not be found somewhere else.

114 by Insomnia Kitchen

Even if you are too lazy to step out of your home at late night, 114 by Insomnia Kitchen will be all at service to deliver to you the food you desired.

A modern yet simple interior, with not much of decoration pieces but an exposed brick wall at one side, while on the other side, a painted art is being made artistically to give you a hip vibe of the joint.

Located at, ‘Bank Square, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan,’ the restaurant starts its food operation from 8 pm to 4 am. Their menu contains a variety of delicious and mouth-watering cuisines.

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