14th August—A day worth remembering in the entire history of Pakistan


Independence Day (Youm-e-Azadi) is celebrated annually in Pakistan on 14th August. People across the country celebrate the national Independence Day with full zeal and zest. Fire work has been displayed with utmost pleasure on the very eve of Independence Day.

Expressions of Patriotism and National Unity


People living in different cities of Pakistan passionately take part in different activities which show their patriotism and national unity. Pakistani flag has been displayed at the roof of almost all the public and private building to show love for Pakistan. Little kids love to wear dresses which are of green and white color and enjoy throughout the day.

Places of national significance have been visited by most of the Pakistanis to revive the spirit of the old days. Historical buildings become a source of utmost pleasure for the parents to make their children aware of the history of Pakistan.

Some people love to stay at home and enjoy family gatherings. They exchanged gifts with each other and expressed pleasure to be a part of that country.

Moreover, official buildings are also decorated on 14th August. Pakistan Premier and President address a huge crowd to congratulate them on achieving their own homeland which was only possible because of Quaid-e-Azam and the brave soldiers of our Army.


Streets have been decorated with pennants and Pakistani flags and Muslims show solidarity with Pakistan.

Green & White Color

Pakistan’s flag is of green and white color. The white color symbolizes peace and minorities while the green color is a symbol of good fortune.

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