20 Best Facebook Messenger Hacks

20 Best Tricks and Cool Hacks Inside Facebook Messenger


Want to be a Powerful Facebook user? Then look at all the cool stuff which you can do with Facebook Messenger, with more than one billion monthly users.

Well, Zuck and Company have greater plans for Messenger, look upon as the chattering kid sibling of Facebook.

During the years, Facebook has stocked Messenger with many cool functions which can be quite unexpected. Messenger has become a multipurpose communication & productivity platform.

Below you will find what you should know:

  1. Playing Games on Messenger

Inside the app, Facebook built-in a cool selection of games. This gives you the opportunity to compete with your Facebook friends. Thus, now you can challenge your buddies in a lot of games directly using your chat window, where words with friends are included.

  1. Sending 15-second Videos

In Facebook Messenger you can create short videos and upload it with customization & filters. On your mobile phone, tap on the camera icon. Then whilst holding the icon in the center, record the video.


  1. Transferring Files

Actually, the majority of the coolest stuff is kept for Messenger’s mobile apps. However, the web version permits you to send the following files: Photoshop files, Microsoft Word documents, and videos.

Are you using Facebook.com’s pop-up chat interface? Then use the small paperclip icon and attach documents.

Are you using Messenger.com? Then you will be able to drag & drop files. You also have the option to click the icon, looking like two photos which overlap.

Those who are using the mobile can both access & receive these files. Those using the Messenger app, will only be able to send photos.

  1. Talking to a Chatbot or Order An Uber

If you can speak to a robot, why bother to talk with people. You can order flowers from a wide variety of 800 species, receive CNN news updates and can you believe, through Facebook’s Messenger chatbots, you can order an Uber car.

On the screen’s bottom, tap on the Discover icon and select the Business tab. Now you can search for chatbots or you can subscribe to receive regular updates.

However, on the web when searching for bots it must be done directly, within the ‘To’ field for any new conversation.

  1. Making phone & Video Calls

You will be able to video chat or making phone calls via the Messenger app.  By clicking on the video or phone icon within a mobile or desktop chat to say hi to friends. However, take notice the service begins when you are touching the button.

  1. Reading Receipts

Check your messages, just tap on them within the chat window. You will be informed by Messenger when your message was sent, you will also be notified when your message was delivered.

The message will display ‘seen’, whilst a small profile picture of your friend will appear, which indicates that your friend has read your message.

  1. Add More Facebook Accounts

Are you interested to add an extra account to Messenger? Then go to Settings, then to Switch Account, then Add Account which will enable you to switch easily between Facebook personas.

With Android, you can create a new account by using this menu.

  1. Sending Audio Messages

With Messenger, sending messages is allowed. So surprise your contacts to hear your voice. Tap on the icon with four dots, then choose Record Voice, for creating a recording and then just send it to your contact.

  1. Creating a Story on facebook

Messenger is more than only chatting with friends. In some instances, you want to post a statement to your Facebook friends. Do this to establish a Facebook Story.

It is the same as Instagram and Snapchat. Create a short collection of photos and videos. You can add written messages or filters to it.

To begin, tap on the icon ‘Your Story / Add to Your Story’, located above the Chats / People pages. Now you just follow the directions on the screen.

After publishing the story, it will stay visible for 24-hours. However, by adjusting some settings you can ensure that just specific people can see your story.

  1. Adding Reminders on facebook

Are you planning to meet a friend whom you have to remind? Well, then Messenger enables you to put up a reminder within your chat.

Just tap on the icon with the four dots and choose Reminders. Add the proper information within the pop-up menu. Voila, your reminder is sent within the chat.

  1. Creating a Poll by Using Facebook Messenger

It can be frustrating, getting a group together to make a decision. However, Messenger users are allowed to poll their contacts, via stories. 

By creating a new story you can make this easier. Under the Text-menu you can find the Polls option. Then add your question, while you can use the privacy options of Messenger, allowing just specific people to view it.

  1. Chatting on Messenger.com

Are you working behind a computer? Well, then you can use Messenger.com to chat with a friend. You can blind-side your boss, not seeing you on your mobile all day.

It is true that it doesn’t have the full functionality when compared to Facebooks’ Messenger app. However, it is good enough to do the job.

  1. Adding Extensions within Your Chat on FB

Facebook Messenger extensions enable you to have interaction with 3rd party services, via the open chat window. This gives you and a friend the opportunity to use it simultaneously.

By clicking on the icon with the four dots, whilst chatting, you can view the available extensions.

  1. Sending Spotify Songs Via Messenger

Using Spotify will enable you to send some songs, directly to Facebook Messenger from Spotify’s music streaming service.

After sending, a Spotify-link will be appearing within your chat with that contact. With the above-mentioned Spotify extension, you will be able to listen to a music clip from the song in Messenger. However, you must switch to Spotify’s app to listen to the whole album or song.

With that extension you can establish a Spotify playlist and share it directly via the Messenger app.

You have to open the icon with the four dots, then select the spotify extension and tap on it. Then proceed by tapping on the Create Group Playlist. Now you can search for songs, whilst staying in Facebook Messenger, to put into the playlist.

  1. Supersizing Your Emoji On Facebook

Sometimes you have to supersize an emoji when a straightforward emoji won’t be enough! To do this easily, click or tap the icon of your smiley face emoji, either on the web or mobile. Now click or press long on your chosen emoji.

Release your finger and the emoji in its super-sized format will be sent. However, be careful not to hold it down too long, in such a case the icon will start shaking, just before it will deflate to its normal, smaller size.


  1. Sending and Receiving Money Via Messenger

It is true that there are various mobile payment apps that you can use. However, if you prefer to stay within Facebook’s sphere, Messenger allows you to manage your finances too. You can request and send money.

Within your conversation with a contact, select the icon with the dollar sign to send money, which is beside the text field. Put in the amount, then add your payment info, when it is not already added.

Do you want to add your PayPal account or debit card to Facebook Messenger? Go to your photo at the app’s top and tap on your photo, then select Payments.

You can link your PayPal account or a debit card here to Facebook Messenger. To keep financial transactions secure, you can add a fingerprint or PIN.

  1. Managing Visibility on Facebook

Valuing your Privacy? Well, in this case, Messenger offers some features which can assist you with securing your account which is outside the security features of Facebook’s framework.

Active Status informs your contacts when you’re online. Your availability to chat will be shown by a green dot which will appear above your profile icon. If you opt not to show your status, do the following: Go to Settings, select Active Status, then toggle it off.

However, by doing this you won’t be able to view the statuses of your contact’s too.

Want to block a contact completely: Proceed to Settings – People – Blocked; On Android – ‘Blocked People’. Here you can view who is blocked, to contact you. Within this menu, you can also unblock those contacts, whilst you can add more contacts as well as apps to your blocked-lists.

  1. Adding Color Emoji’s & Nicknames to Chats

Messenger gives you the ability to nickname specific chats & assigning it with their own special emoji or a color theme.  This function is accessible by tapping on the person’s profile, choosing Emoji, Color or Nickname right at the top.

  1. Making Messenger Your App to SMS

Use Facebook Messenger if you find it more appealing when compared to your ordinary text app. It can just be used on Android. Use it as a default SMS app. It means that you can receive text messages via the Messenger app. This is similar to when you are chatting with a friend.

Tap on your chat head, then select SMS; then you have to toggle on “Default SMS App”.

  1. Sending Your Location on Facebook

You will be able to send your precise location to any contact you are chatting to on this mobile app. Tap the icon with four dots and select Location.

Facebook will be launching a map which shows your present location. Now share this for a period of 60 minutes, whilst you can also drop a pin on a particular spot.

Your friends will get a link via Messenger on your location.

However, you need to provide Messenger with permission for displaying your location, for the time period, in the background.

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