Sunsilk Fashion Week

20th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is Coming Soon


Are you excited for PFDC (Pakistan Fashion Design Council)? Well, if yes then hold your breath because soon PFDC has announced its 20th consecutive fashion week that is just around the corner. It is scheduled to take place from April 11 till April 14 in Lahore. As usually, the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2019 is set to showcase the best of Pakistani fashion design. Both local and international audiences including press and buyers are allowed and requested to attend the show.
The upcoming show of four days will feature, as usually, three categories that will include Lawn, Luxury Pret, and High-Street Pret.

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion

PFDC basically seeks to promote Pakistan’s fashion culture, where we can see the impact of craft and creation together. The brands from all over Pakistan will be bringing together their designs. The show is really going to rock. I am already loving it.
The ‘Rising Talent’ will show the hard work of the young and promising designers of the time. It is designed solely to introduce future generations of the fashion industry in the country.
In this show, you will be seeing a different concept and structure as the Council has decided to make it more dazzling and full of excitement. Each day will be a unique curated experience. This whole process is going to turn the fashion week into an extraordinary and premium platform that will allow all the fashion houses to cater to a more select and dedicated audience.

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