280 Million US dollars Approved by World Bank

280 Million US dollars Approved by World Bank to Initiate 10 Stations for Air Monitoring in Lahore


Malik Amin Aslam, who is an advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Climate Change announced that a grant of 280 Million US dollars was approved by the WB (World Bank). This grant will be used to establish another 10 quality air monitoring stations within Lahore.

$200 million will be provided by the WB, whilst $80 million will be granted by the provincial government.

Punjab’s EPD (Environment Protection Department) will receive the money for developing resources and upgrading the existing air monitoring stations besides building new ones.

Adviser Aslam stated that the Pak-EPA (Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency) and other provincial EPAS’s have insufficient staff, which can be resolved by the WB’s grant.

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Recent Research By FAQ:

The most recent study by FAQ (Food & Agriculture Organization) conducted by the United Nations showed that 40% of vehicle emissions towards the fatal smog phenomenon occurs in Lahore.

However, the study did not take into account the dust factor which contributes to Smog, as also revealed by similar studies regarding Delhi Smog.

To repress emissions from vehicles, some monitoring stations were established in Punjab to maintain the quality performance of engines to avert damaging emissions. Proper inspections are done when vehicle owners register their vehicles.

A partnership model between the public and private sector is under way to establish appropriate stations to do vehicle assessments when cars are registered, thus securing vigilance.

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