3 Jugs of Coffee Can Trigger Migraine

3 Jugs of Coffee Can Trigger Migraine: Study


Migraine headaches are affecting 10% of the population globally, whilst women are more at risk to develop migraine, compared to men.

Consuming too much beverages containing caffeine, may lead to a higher risk to develop a migraine attack.

However, the good news is that caffeine isn’t just bad. It can be beneficial in dilating the blood vessels, which result in lowering the symptoms of other kinds of headaches.

If you are a coffee lover, but suffers from occasional migraine attacks, you can still enjoy your cup of joe in the morning, as per a new study.

According to a new study, published within the American Journal of Medicine, you can develop a migraine attack if you are consuming 3 or more drinks containing caffeine per day. This can occur during or on the next day for people who experience occasional migraine.

Elizabeth Motofsky, ScD, associated with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as well as the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health, Boston, specialising in the research unit of cardiovascular epidemiology, was the lead researcher.

She told Healthline that she had a pleasant surprise when it was discovered that 1 – 2 caffeine drinks were not linked to experiencing a migraine headache, but that it was associated with 3 or more cups which can result in a migraine during that day or the next day.

Coffee is in actual fact healthy, despite its reputation of being bad for one’s health. Coffee is associated with the improvement of cognitive function (Trusted Source); may reduce the risk of developing cancer (Trusted Source) and even with living longer (Trusted Source).

Motofsky added that something else which is especially interesting is that caffeine’s effect will probably be affected by the dose & frequency.

Migraine: women more prone to be affected compared to men

Recent research revealed that migraine is affecting approximately 1 in 10 sufferers worldwide. Women are suffering from migraine twice as much, compared to men.

A neurologist, associated with Texas’ Houston Methodist Hospital, Dr. Julia Jones stated that approximately 9% of men & 16% of women are experiencing migraine attacks, whilst it is prone to run in families. Dr. Jones was not involved in the study.

According to Dr. Jones, migraine headaches can be triggered by ordinary factors, such as some foods or drinks, too little or much sleep, hormones, stress as well as things such as hunger, bright lights & smells.

The dose of caffeine influences migraine

Motofsky, together with her team, examined the details of 98 adult participants who experience occasional migraine.

People who have approximately 14 days of headaches on a monthly basis are diagnosed as episodic migraine sufferers with chronic migraine it would be 15 headaches or more per month, according to Dr. Jones.

An electronic diary was kept two times on a daily basis for a period of six weeks. Details which were reported include: some lifestyle factors as well as the characteristics & timing of their migraine attacks.

The scientists compared the probability of experiencing migraine headaches on the days when the participants consumed caffeinated drinks to those days without it.

Dr. Motofsky said that during the same time they were monitoring the participants’ exposure to weather, sleeping habits & physical activity. They collected lots of info from these participants. In this specific study they took into account caffeinated drinks as well as the immediate threat of migraine

She said they were able to collect the other lifestyle factors mentioned above, too. Taking these factors into account, they were still observing the higher possibility of migraine attacks when 3 or more caffeinated drinks were consumed.

The findings suggested just the effect which caffeinated drinks had on the risk of migraine attacks, where 3 or more drinks were consumed on a daily basis.

Caffeine can cause and cure migraine attacks

When pain is experienced by vasodilation, a condition causing the blood vessels within the brain to swell, caffeine can assist to constrict these blood vessels (Trusted Source) and reduce the swelling.

To rapidly relieve severe migraine attack symptoms, IV (intravenous) caffeine can be used inside emergency rooms (Trusted Source).

Caffeine also enhanced a lot of headache remedies (Trusted Source). Whether it’s ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin, these medicines work better and faster, whilst keeping the pain at bay in combination with caffeine.

Motofsky stated that its absolutely fascinating to evaluate such an exposure, due to the fact that caffeine is linked to both advantages and with harm.  She said Caffeine is contained in a high amount of medications which are used in the treatment of migraine headaches.

She said that it depends on the frequency and dose of caffeine to which the migraine sufferer is exposed to.

She added that this study was conducted amongst participants suffering from episodic migraines and that the information can’t be generalized to say what would occur in people who are not experiencing migraine headaches.

Motofsky emphasized that they were not stating that the consumption of three jugs of coffee will be triggering a migraine attack.

She stated that what they were saying is that amongst participants suffering from episodic migraine, they observed evidence that 1 – 2 caffeinated drinks were not linked to a headache on that specific or the next day.

However, 3 and more caffeinated beverages were linked to having higher odds to experience a migraine headache, occurring on that day as well as the next day.


Migraine headaches are affecting approximately 10% of people all over the world, whilst women are more prone to suffer from this condition.

According to recent research, people who are suffering from episodic migraine headaches, who consume more than 2 caffeinated drinks on a daily basis, is strongly linked to experiencing a migraine headache.

Furthermore, scientists said that 2 or less caffeine servings per day did not raise the chances to experience a migraine headache in this population.

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