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3 Reasons Social Media is Empowering Women of Pakistan


Historically, men have held jobs outside the home while women attended to the house and family. The role of a woman was always limited to home specifically in the past century where social norms were not in favor of letting women come out of the home and work for the living. Recently the trends have been changing and society is understanding with the time that women own an equal place in society to work side by side with men. With the latest technology innovations, this process is becoming even more easy, empowering women through different methods. Through social media, women can socialize in diverse ways which is giving them empowerment to work, earn and share as much as they want. I have identified three reasons by which social media is empowering women of Pakistan. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Platform to Speak for Themselves

These days’ social media is becoming the voice of many women as they can share openly about any bad experiences. Same happened a few months back when a trend named #metoo became viral, through which many women broke the silence and shared their worst experiences in the form of sexual assaults and harassments by celebrities. This movement was a big step towards women empowerment, motivating others to come forward and talk for themselves, instead of staying silent and giving freedom to the guilty to resume their evil acts.

2. Selling Through Social Media

Recently trends are changing and online shopping is the new way of buying clothes and much more. As there is no need to setup up a physical shop to sell and you can simply take orders and deliver to buyer’s vicinity giving them convenience. Home-based businesses by women are getting more popular these days as in a society like Pakistan women are never allowed to interact with random people and social media is now giving enormous opportunities of selling food, clothes, home fixtures and many more, changing the lives of women in all possible ways.

3. Awareness of Gender Equality

Apparently, all societies claim to have faith in gender equality but only a few acts upon the clam and many dominate their roles socially and forget the norms of society, same happens when males act dominantly over females by discouraging them to work and live freely in society. In Pakistan, the said issue is very prominent and limiting women to work according to their wishes. Social media is playing a significant role in discouraging these sort of activities and giving awareness about gender equality through several campaigns, empowering women to move forward and play their role active socially.

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