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30 Best Instagram Captions


Pictures can tell so many different stories, good, bad and sad, because this is life. However, if you add words to a picture, it can give more context or can even add an air of magic.

In the age of technology, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Therefore, adding captions to your Instagram post will complete your post in a perfect way.

By adding Instagram captions you can boost your social media engagement, or you can share some selfie quotes and more.

An Instagram caption can be seen as describing or explaining your Instagram photo, which will give it more context. You can also include hashtags, emojis, and tags in your Instagram captions according to your personal taste.

  • Instagram Captions:  Great Ideas how to Write It

  1. Ask Something:

Posts with Instagram Captions where the person is asking for something to have a tendency to be more involved.

Asking for a friend tag, for example ‘tag a friend who will love this swimsuit’. Your Instagram caption can also ask a question like ‘do you like this look?”

You can also ask people for purchase, by clicking the link within the bio. Asking for something, catch your audience’s attention, whilst you are strengthening your relationship with them.

It is a fact that good Instagram captions will result in getting people sharing, talking or buying.

  1. How Many Characters is the Limit of an Instagram Caption?

The character limit of an Instagram Caption is 2,200 characters. This is about 330 words.

It is a good idea to use the 2,200 character limit from time to time, Certain days you will choose emojis to write you Instagram caption. However, sometimes you can share a great story. These 2,200 characters are enough to communicate ambiance in completion of your Instagram pos.

  1. Using Emojis for Easter Eggs

With a loyal and substantial audience, it is a great idea to use emojis for leaving Easter eggs within your  Instagram captions. So, do you know what an Easter egg is?

Easter eggs are little clues which actually send a message, without really saying anything. Do you have any forthcoming announcement or launch, for which you want to share some clues? Then use emojis to boost great hype!

  1. Do Some Creative Thinking For Various Great Instagram 


Not always easy to find something absolutely humorous or sparkling to say after you posted on Instagram, ohhhh!

If it is your first time to write an Instagram caption, it is a good practice to write down a lot of captions first and then choose one afterward.

Create your own idea list, browsing some hashtags for motivation, or find good puns to find a great keyword.

Finally, you must priory decide which tone you prefer to use for your Instagram caption. Do you prefer sharing something funny, or choose to share a heart-to-heart story?

When you got the tone, you can experiment with different caption ideas and choose the one which is best for the photo.

30 Best Instagram Captions

  1. Whatever makes your soul blossom, do that
  2. I was a born shiner
  3. Just me and you…mmm
  4. Isn’t this just gorgeous?
  5. Believe in yourself, otherwise nobody will
  6. You can own the world so show it
  7. Walking in the woods tantalize your senses
  8. I don’t give a damn, yes even if I am too glam
  9. Too attarctive…no just in touch with my feminine side
  10. Kindness, generosity, and friendliness can never hurt
  11. You like or love this look?
  12. Through pleasure and pain I get insane
  13. My heart, my soul, yes my tonic
  14. Love yourself first, then you know how to give love
  15. Love is blind and marriage is the glasses
  16. Never give up dreaming, just create shinier ones
  17. Laughing is the soul’s music
  18. Do what you love with passion and desire will follow
  19. Be good, be nice and you will never regret a thing
  20. You’re my enticing fragrance of the red, red rose of true love
  21. A smiling face creates positive responses
  22. Learning from mistakes is the unwritten wisdom of life
  23. Through perseverance anything is possible
  24. Everything worthwhile needs perseverance
  25. A true friend outshines the most sparkling diamond
  26. It’s me, please don’t faint, I am without my war paint
  27. Many things will attract the eye, but just a few, the heart
  28. Compete only against yourself … you will be amazed of the results
  29. Life is a journey of ups and downs, ride it, challenge it, live it and put the best in your treasure chest of memories
  30. It is too hard to be perfect, just be yourself, you are good enough

So, these were best Instagram captions that you can save and let your buddies enjoy a lot.

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