5 Benefits of Lemon Juice

You Never Heard These 5 Benefits of Lemon Juice Over the Face


With the changing of the seasonal weather and a higher humidity level, in the country, particularly for people living near the sea, it is important to get new ideas to prevent skin damage.

For people spending most of their day outdoors and who are therefore more exposed to dust particles, humidity-laden moisture and pollution etc., this article can be helpful. The above-mentioned factors lead to the clogging of pores which can make your skin more prone to breakouts, scars and acne if you don’t take proper action to prevent it.

Furthermore, your skin can appear unattractive and dull.

There are numerous natural remedies which can be used to prevent this kind of damage. However, one outstanding ingredient to use is lemon juice. This fruit is known for having great benefits, while it is readily available and cheap.

How Lemon can be miraculous to Your Skin 

1. Skin Lightening

 Its top quality is its potential to lighten your skin tone. This is possible due to the citric acid contains in lemon. To be successful you have to use it consistently. Furthermore, results won’t appear overnight, but rather gradually.

Take a slice of lemon and rub it on the dark areas on your face, leaving it on for approximately 15 minutes and then rinse it off with luke-warm water. Try to make this a habit every second day.

However, an important factor to take into account when using this routine is to take care of sun-exposure. This is essential because the UV rays of the sun can be damaging to your skin when you had applied lemon juice. In the case of any bruises or cuts, avoid it because benefits of lemon juice can have a burning effect on it which can lead to irritation of the skin.

2. Lemon as Natural Exfoliator 

It poses as a great natural exfoliator! When you rub lemon juice on your face in a gentle manner, your skin will be lighter after a while, free of scars, softer and brighter. The dead skin cells will be easily peeled off, due to lemons juice’s natural antibacterial and antioxidant qualities.

How to Exfoliate easily at home?

Take a lemon and cut the fruit into quarters. Then dip the quarters in sugar, using a small amount. Now gently and slowly rub it on your face, leaving it for about 15 minutes. In case of a very dry skin we advise you to take equal amounts of lemon juice, water and sugar and mix it. Apply this paste on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse off with luke-warm water.

3. Destroy Your Face Acne Fast

 Lemon juice proved to work wonders when it comes to acne. Due to its natural anti-bacterial qualities, it assists to destroy bacteria. Let some running water flow on your lemon slice for a while and then squeeze the juice onto a ball of cotton. Apply the juice particularly on the acne areas. This will be beneficial to dry out the acne and will help to reduce the chance of a further breakout.

For the maximum effect we advise you to leave it on overnight. However, rinse off your face immediately the next morning.

In case you are using other topical creams it will be advisable to consult a doctor prior to this routine. This is vital because the lemon juice can interplay with the cream.

4. Are You Worried About Blackheads? 

Lemon juice can work wonders with occasional blackheads. Apply the juice with a cotton ball on the blackheads and leave it overnight. The next morning wash it off, using luke-warm water.

5. Moisturiser with lemon juice 

For a great moisturiser make a paste using an equal amount of honey, lemon juice and olive oil. Apply this paste to your face, particularly on dry areas. It will act as a great moisturiser and make your skin brighter and softer.

These are lemon juice benefits for your skin and body. You will not have to bear high cost if you want to get some change.

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