5 Best Whatsapp love status 2019


Billions of people use whatsapp almost daily.  Users try to upload whatsapp funny status or whatsapp love status to show others that how are they spending their time or life? In this short post you are going to check about the best whastapp status 2019. Send the whatsapp status to your friends who are online or offline. Some of them are here

  1. Love is just a type of word, but a special person can add value in it.
  2. Yeah I feel alone, but when? The moment you are not in my mind
  3. Crying the rain just like a flower dancing in the cool breeze
  4. Some mistakes are so beautiful that we like, Love is one of them
  5. People need lot of things to fight against battle, I need just your smile

So, enjoy these short whatsapp love status with your dear ones and enjoy the life.

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