5 Horrifying Facts about Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs which lived on earth for approximately 65 million years evolved from reptiles 230 million years earlier and became extinct for reasons which are not proved up till now. For various reasons their fossils which were found, became a fascination to people for hundreds of years. People were enchanted by their ferocity, size and because they actually resembled some mythical creatures!

 Five Species of Dinosaurs

Although there were more species, for the purpose of this article, we want to discuss five species of these amazing creatures.

 The T-Rex: The King of the Species:

The Tyrannosaurus rex which lived approximately 65-70-million years before, called the Cretaceious period was found in North America, the recent western region, roaming from Alberta up to Texas. However, speculation has it that these creatures actually came from Asia and invaded America!

However, the T-Rex was not the fastest nor the largest dinosaur and not the largest carnivore, but it was the most feared and famous of the species. Sue, now displayed at Natural History’s Field Museum, was the most perfect fossil ever discovered.

At the fossil’s tallest point at hip-height, due to the fact that it moved in a hunched-over way, the T-Rex could be approximately 40 feet long, 13 feet tall and weighed up to 9-tons! Something, we believe no one wants to meet in a face to face encounter! Notwithstanding, their enormous size they were able to run fast, reportedly reaching speeds of ten to twenty-five mph, using their muscular and powerful tails and thighs. Averagely humans are able to run about 15 mph only in short spurts as stated by the National Council about Strength & Fitness.

Let’s hope that should you be in an encounter with a T-Rex that the estimations about the T-Rex’s speed are at the slower end of the specific scale and you are rather fast! This creature had the most powerful bite from all predators which ever lived on the land. The T-rex had the capacity to achieve force of about 12,814 pounds; this is comparable to the force of an elephant of medium size, sitting down!

It had a horrifying set of teeth which were jagged like a saw and about one foot long. Although these monstrous teeth were not sharp it was slightly dull and wide in order to handle prey which would fight against it. They had various kinds of teeth which had different purposes. Their front teeth were used to pull and hold their prey, the side-teeth tore the flesh, while the back teeth was used to minced the flesh after which it forced the flesh down the throat of T-Rex. 

The Mapusaurus: Large Carnivores: Pack-hunters

To know how dinosaurs lived or behaved is not easy, because scientists can only guess and base it on the fossil-clues which are many millennia-old! They are not able to do observation. They are not sure whether some of the species hunted in packs. However, some evidence exists which suppose that some of the species lived in packs. It is also not clear whether carnivores, hunting in packs, were regular or not.

However, the Mapusaurus roseae, a large carnivore may have lived in packs. Scientists came to this conclusion because in Patagonia, they discovered more than six Mapusaurus fossils, in a quarry.

This was bad news for any of their potential prey, because encountering only one Mapusaurus could have been fatal enough. These creatures were larger than the T-Rex, about thirteen feet tall, about forty-one feet long and pulling the scale at approximately 8-tons.

Researchers believe that their purpose of living together was to be able to take down the Argentinosaurus, which was the largest dinosaur-species which lived in the region and their weight was ten times more compared to the Mapusaurus!

The Spinosaurus: The Largest Carnivore

The T-Rex which is viewed as the most horrifying of the species was not the largest one. The title for the largest carnivorous dinosaur belongs to the Spinosaurus. In Jurassic Park III, this was the one that played the antagonist.

The Spinosaurus lived approximately 97 – 12 million years earlier in the North American swamps and as far known, there are two kinds of sub-species. However, researchers don’t know how big the Spinosaurus was, because just incomplete fossils were found.

Nonetheless, it was gigantic and also larger than the Gigantorous and T-Rex. On the minimum scale, they were about 40 feet, although some projections portrayed them as weighing 7.7 – 9.9 tons, while they were 59-ft long. This can be compared with one and ½ school-buses. With their enormous chests, it is highly likely that they lived in water, most of the time, like crocodiles.

The Spinosaurus’s most noteworthy feature is a bony-like sail on the back besides their amazing size! The creature’s got their names due to this sail, “spine lizard.” Nobody knows what their seven feet sail were used for. Due to its size, it must have been the number one predator and maybe they could use their sails to even look bigger! Some researchers suggest that the sail was for mating.

 The Fastest Dinosaur

The Ornithomimids, which form part of the Theropod dinosaurs-group are the fastest according to belief. The Gallimimus bullatus is a renowned sub-species. They almost looked like an ostrich as in the first movie of Jurassic Park. According to the belief of researchers they would have been able to run 50 mph. Although it is not clear if this creature, without teeth, ate meat which makes them less terrifying!

However, the Carnotaurus sastrei, was terrifying and fast, and its name means “meat-eating-bull.” They were dubbed like that due to the horns on the head, which resembles the horns of a bull. It is also believed that they used these horns to fight off another Carnotaurus competing for territory and mates. In comparison with the small Gallimimus, the Carnotaurus was much bigger.

They were 30-feet long, 13-feet tall and pulled the scale at about 2-tons. Although they were huge creatures, they were able to run fast due to their powerful thighs which made up 15% of the weight of its body. It is believed that they could run at about 40 mph, which can be compared to a person trying to outrun any vehicle travelling faster than the speed-limit in a city-street.

 The Triceratops Horridus: A Herbivore

This is a customer you did not want to encounter! Its name means “three-horned-face” and it is a herbivore. They grew 10-feet tall, were 30-feet long and weighed between 4-6 tons. To visualize this creature, think of an Africa elephant, the largest animal living on land. Such an elephant is approximately 8 – 13-feet tall and about 25-feet long, weighing in at about 5-7 tons. A Triceratops can be compared to a medium sized elephant.

This creature’s most noteworthy feature is the three horns on the head. Two horns were above the eyes and the other one just above its mouth. In adulthood the Triceratops horns which curved upwards were about 3-feet long.

They used it during fights with there fellow-Triceratops about territory and mates. They also fought against other predators which lived during that time for example the T-Rex. Evidence was found that it was able to fight off such a T-Rex when they discovered a fossil with a bite of a T-Rex, from which the Triceratops healed. This suggested that the Triceratops was capable fighting off the most dominant predator and also survived after the fight as the bite healed.

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