5G an Ultimate Upgrade For Self-Driving Cars


It’s been long since tech giants like google and automobile manufacturers like Tesla are working on self-driving cars. Tesla even commercially produced the vehicles and are almost successfully making it possible for the consumers to use such an amazing feature in some regions globally. The technology improved with time and at different levels.

We all know that the main ingredient behind the success of such inventions is the combination and compatibility of the latest technologies and in the case of self-driving cars, it is more important. Initially, the self-driving cars were running on 4G and were able to communicate to only limited sources like live maps and other basic internet facilities. Now as 5G is coming soon so we can expect a lot in case of self-driving cars, not only for basic communication but also multi-purpose communication. With the help of 5G, even cars will be able to communicate with each other to share locations and other data.

Google maps are already using such methods by getting continuous feedback which is collected from different nearest google map users to provide specific information regarding traffic and directions. For example, if you are looking forward to leaving for a destination and wishes to get the information regarding traffic throughout the way to prevent any delays then google will keep collecting the data from other maps users to give you an idea about the traffic. There are many more things like this which can be beneficial with the help of 5G to make self-driving more practical and reliable.

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