6 High-Performance Centers & Misbah As New Head Coach Confirmed


PCB has decided to establish 6 high-performance centers in the country. There will be a new Domestic  Cricket structure in the country. The officials of PCB announced the provincial Association will manage each high-performance center in the country.

It is also observed that the name of the National National Cricket Academy will be changed.The new name of National Cricket Academy will be National High-Performance center.

Now, let’s see will it be the really High Performer Centre or will it be the same thing? Time will reveal this fact. Every provincial Association will have it’s own high-performance center.

Another Big and important news we are getting about the head coach that is Misbah Ul Haq. He was the strong candidate for head coach of Pakistan cricket team.

In the last week PCB arranged interviews for head coaches. Imran Khan’s once said giving power to captain can bring good results. Misbahul Haq announced that the captain of the Pak cricket team will have the power to choose the players for final matches. According to PCB, the chief selector will also be the same person that is none other than  Misbah-ul-Haq.

He has a wonderful record. He has a brilliant captaincy record in his profile. That’s why PCB has decided to make him the head coach. The bowling coach will be e Waqar Yunus because there is no one to compete Waqar Younis at the moment.

Wasim Akram is not there, Shoaib Akhtar is not there, both legends did not participate in the selection or interview process. Either they are not called or they did not show interest.

Only PCB knows the reality in better way, we should expect the high performance from the Pakistani cricket team now, because both coaches are local.They are not foreigners they know the psychological effects of the players. They also know the history of players very well. There is no communication gap. So, this time we can say maybe “Naya Cricket Style” .

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