6th September to be observed as both ‘Defence Day’ and ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’


Islamabad: People living in occupied Kashmir are going through the most dreadful stage of their lives. The lockdown in Indian held Kashmir has reached its 31st day and still, there are no reforms. Not a single action has been taken against the Indian atrocities by international authorities.

However, the Pakistani nation and its government are keen to support the Kashmiris with the best of them. The Government of Pakistan has decided to observe Friday, September 6, 2019, as both the ‘Defence Day’ and ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’.

The statement has been released by the Minister of Interior during a press conference on Wednesday.

He further mentioned that Pakistanis will “commemorate the Defence Day of Pakistan, observe solidarity with the people of Kashmir, and visit families of martyrs (Shuhada) and monuments” on Friday.

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has also declared that Defence Day would be observed as ‘Kashmir Defence day’ throughout Pakistan.

While addressing a huge crowd at an international conference on Kashmir, mentioned that this step taken by the government of Pakistan will encourage strong bond and relationship between Pakistan and the occupied Kashmir.

Moreover, she asserted that the Pakistan Premier Imran Khan has very effectively taken the issue of Kashmir at the international forum. The entire nation would keep on supporting the Kashmiris.

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