7 food items that help in boosting up immune system

7 food items that help in boosting up immune system


Amid coronavirus pandemic, one important thing that we all must have not forgotten is to take care of our immune system.

It is very necessary to boost up immune system beacuse in this hour of difficulty, we can only save ourselves by taking care of not only our own selves but also our loves ones.

Coronavirus has been becoming a global problem. It is destroying the lives of the people in the entire world. Where the most progressed countries could not help themselves from this virus, Pakistan was also under its spell from 27 February, 2020.

With each passing day, there happened to be a certain increase in the total number of confirmed cases. Amid this fear, we must not forget to boost up our immunity to fight against this lethal coronavirus.

Below, I have mentioned top 7 foods that really help in boosting up the immune system.

Citrus Fruits


Citrus Fruits are a rich source of vitamin C. you have no idea what wonders these fruits can make to your immune system. Vitamin C is helpful in increasing the overall immunity of the human body. Top citrus fruits that can be easily available in the markets are orange, grapefruit, lemons, and limes.



Broccoli is considered the powerhouse of the nutrients. It has a huge amount of minerals and essential nutrients that our body needs. Among this hour of difficulty, you can always rely upon broccoli as it has fibers and antioxidants in it that boost up the immune system.

Ginger & Garlic


Ginger and Garlic are another source of rich nutrients that we can have during this quarantine. As we all know that garlic is always used to cure infections. Meanwhile ginger has all the immunity booster properties. So, we must not forget to add these foods in our daily routine.



Spinach is easily available from the vegetable market and does wonders to the immune system. After broccoli, this is the second vegetable that helps in boosting up the immunity.

It has a rich amount of vitamin C and essential antioxidants that are useful for our body.



From the very early ages, people have been relying upon Yogurt to fight against diseases. Yogurt is a rich source of Vitamin D that is the basic need of our body.


Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E. Our body needs Vitamin E to prevent cold and fever. Where other foods are essential for gaining Vitamin C, Almonds help in fulfilling the Vitamin E deficiency in our body.


Papaya Header

Papaya is another important fruit that has major fibers and nutrients in it. According to the dieticians, a single Papaya has 224% of the daily need of Vitamin C. the digestive enzyme called Papain has anti-inflammatory effects in it.

So, we must ensure the regular intake of these food items to live a healthy and happy life.

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