7 Realities About Albert Einstein

7 Less Known Realities About Albert Einstein


A Great Personality in the History:

Einstein is probably the most well-known mathematician scientist of history. His greatest achievements include the relativity theory and have laid many foundations for the advanced research methodology of physics and mathematics.

You might know all of this about Dr. Einstein but I bet you didn’t know these facts that I am going to share below.

 1. His head was huge at the time of birth

On March 14, 1879, Einstein’s head was of enormous from the back side and his parents thought that he might be retarded mentally. But later the head became normal again.

2. Spoke First Word at 4

Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4, making his parent sure that he won’t calculate much. But unexpected events are always amazing.

3. Einstein might have become a violinist

The rumors about Einstein being poor and slow in math are not authentic. Einstein was an excellent mathematics and physics student. He played the excellent violin and always topped in Greek and Latin. And above all, he mastered in calculus before he was 15.

4. Strict rules for his wife

Talking about the rules and laws in mathematics and physics, Einstein has to apply a couple of them in his house for his wife including that she has to serve him meals 3 times a day and will not speak if told to.

5. Hair and socks were on the daily list

Einstein’s unmanaged hair can be seen on his every picture but another thing that Einstein wasn’t good at was the socks. Einstein hated to wear socks and called it like a waste of time.

6. I am not to hold Public Seat

According to some sources, Albert Einstein was offered to become the president of Israel which he simply denied politely.

7. Died naturally

Einstein died of the burst blood vessel cause and doctors recommended him a surgery but he declined with a saying that there is no fun in prolonging life artificially.

These 7 Realities About Albert Einstein will give you another sight into his interesting life. Such big figures always have some hidden sides which are not exposed easily.

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