80% PSD Funding Allocated by Government

80% PSD Funding Allocated by Government to Complete Projects in Progress in Due Time


Khusro Bakhtiar, (Minister for Planning, Development & Reforms) stated on Saturday, that 80% of the PSDP (Public Sector Development Programme) was allocated by the government for the approaching 2019 / 2020 fiscal year.

This funding will go towards the completion of approximately 295 progressing projects throughout the country.

He added that notwithstanding the financial crunch, Rs 951 billion for development, was allocated by the government. The focus will be on underdeveloped areas, higher education, building reservoirs and enhancing knowledge about the economy.

Allocation of The funds:

Underdeveloped Areas:

  • Rs 48 billion for
  1. South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  2. South Punjab
  3. Sindh’s rural regions
  • Rs76 billion Projects in Balochistan Province
  • 62Rs billion regarding the development of Kashmir & Azad Jammu

Education & Health:

  • Rs8 billion for the development of projects in Islamabad


  • Rs80 billion for Improving the electricity conditions various projects

Water Sector (Mohmand, Diamir-Bhasa & Dasu dams)

Rs70 billion Funding improved from 10% (2018/2019) to 12%

Development of large dams, including Mohmand, Diamir-Bhasa & Dasu dams

Karachi: Economic Hub

Rs34 billion regarding Development of 41 projects

Agriculture Sector: 

Rs18 billion i.e one of the government’s priorities increased from

R1 billion (2018/2019) to Rs18 billion

Clean Green Pakistan & Tourism:

Rs 9.5 billion to tackle the climatic change and its effects on the country.

Higher Education & Economic Knowledge

Rs 43 billion for the Development of economic knowledge projects

And higher education


Rs10 billion for developing Youth Skill Initiatives

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