9-year-old among 144 minors detained in IOK


New Delhi: From August 05, people living in the occupied region of Kashmir in India are suffering at the hands of the Indian authorities.

No communication and internet services

There are no communication and internet services available. The whole area has been locked down under the instructions of the Modi-oriented government.

Recently, the Indian authorities have detained 144 minors, including a nine-year-old. It is pertinent to note that the Indian government has scrapped Article 370 from their constitution and deprived Kashmiris of human rights and special status.

The detained minors are being accused of stone pelting, rioting and causing damage to public and private property.

However, police officials have completely denied the fact that minors have been illegally detained. According to the police report,

“It happens often that when minors/juveniles indulge in stone pelting, they are momentarily held up on the spot and sent home. Some of these incidents are exaggerated beyond proportion.”

Earlier, the UN human rights Chief Michelle Bachelet has said that she is actually concerned about the fate of the poor Kashmiris.

She said that she was “deeply concerned about the impact of recent actions by the government of India on the human rights of Kashmiris”.

Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s last week’s visit to the US was also Kashmir-centric. He has raised the issue of Kashmir at the International forum with best of his efforts.

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