People Planning to Raid Area 51

A Huge Number of People Planning to Raid Area 51


Curiosity is an important part of every human’s nature and we always try to discover new things and places in our life. Area 51 is one of those mysteries about which millions of people are curious that what is there? Some say that the U.S Government keeps aliens there and does experiments on them. But officially Area 51 is an extremely classified secure zone where U.S Government holds secret defense projects. Most of the people don’t believe the official statements and thinks that alien activities are happening there.

Recently, hype on the social media emerged to raid on Area 51 and people are interested to make it happen. This month an event was created on the Facebook about the raid on Area 51 in September and amazingly more than 2 million people are interested to raid Area 51 to see what is happening there. But unfortunately the event is fake and we don’t know how many people will show up at the site on the given time. In response to the hype, U.S Government has responded with the statement “The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets”.

We have been hearing crazy thoughts about Area 51. People claimed that they saw unidentified flying objects in the sky and some came up with the photographic evidence as well. Now we have two questions in our mind whether people will be able to raid Area 51 successfully? If yes then what they will find inside the Area 51. We still seek the truth behind all the myths and controversies as nothing is clear yet about Area 51.

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