A-Meenah Markab Wedding Collection 2019

A-Meenah Markab Wedding Collection 2020


A Meenah Markab Wedding collection brings exciting luxury chiffon dresses for wedding season. Their latest chiffon collection contains dresses which are not only appealing but also taken care of the minute details about it.

A-Meenah is being hailed one of the acclaimed fashion houses in Pakistan. Its dresses always reflect eternal charm and beauty. Keeping in mind, a basic and unique strategy, the brand has designed its dresses with delicate patterns and artistic skills.

Very simple and light hues added more charms to the entire collection. Most of the dresses have been designed on stuff like Organza Tissue. They are following the motive of keeping it classy, modern and stylish while introducing some of the finest dresses for wedding wear.

You can witness the charms and beauty of the embroidery which is very delicately applied to the dresses.

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