Houston gunfight

A terrible incident of Houston gunfight: two suspects were being shot


Police officials revealed that on Monday, an attempt of narcotics investigation was made to serve a warrant, badly our four Houston undercover police officers become the victim to the firing, while two suspicious men were killed in the counter-attack. According to Art Acevedo, the Houston Police Chief reported that the officers suffered greatly as they were shot in the neck. Their surgical process is undergoing. Their condition is quite critical however stable. They were shot in the pursuit of demanding a warrant nearly at 5 pm, after entering into the house located in Southeast Houston. The suspects were carrying semi-automatic pistols with which they have attacked the officers. Further, he said, “Immediately upon breaking the door the officers came under fire from one or more suspects in the house.”

As long as the operation took place, A SWAT team was sent to overcome the situation. They have sent two robots into the house for further investigation. The pictures that robots have captured clear that the two suspects were injured by the gunfire on the part of the police. However, at the scene, they were found dead. Total four agents become the victim of the shooting. One was being hit in the shoulders and was taken to the hospital and later released while other was found in quite a good condition. One of the officers got hit on the knee during the gun fighting. The whole investigation process started at the reporting of a neighbor who smells a rat and told police about the activities of drugs trafficking at the house.

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