A woman was arrested after killing husband


A case has been registered in the Pirabad Police Station where a woman has been arrested after she killed her husband.

On Wednesday the police officials have been informed about a woman who has murdered her husband. The police have arrested the woman.

According to the recent investigations, the arrested woman has been identified as Asma who has beaten her husband out of a dispute. She was accused of beating him to death.

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Committed suicide

However, she has very cunningly shifted the body of her deceased husband to his hometown in Jacobabad after claiming that he has committed suicide. However, she doesn’t explain the reasons for the suicide.

The torture was revealed when the deceased brother has discovered torture marks on his body and he immediately informed police about it. After filing the case, the police has approached Asma and arrested her.

During investigations, Asma admitted her crime. Further investigations have been made to find out the reasons.

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