Aamir Khan refused by Katrina Kaif

Aamir Khan’s challenge was being refused by Katrina Kaif


Mumbai news officials reveal that two of the Bollywood superstars, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, were once again being made the subject of the talk as soon as Aamir Khan has revealed in his interview about his challenge to Katrina Kaif that she refuses.

Aamir Khan exclaimed that he once challenged the Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif in a chess match. The condition that Aamir Khan has made if she loses, was not suitable for Katrina and hence she refused to accept the challenge. The news surfaces while Aamir Khan was attending a talk show in which he was shortly connected to Katrina Kaif through a video call. He revealed that he set up the condition for Katrina to sing “Dil Cheez Kya hy, aap meri jaan lijiye”, in front of Salman Khan’s house when she refuses immediately.

When Aamir invited her to play the game she said, “Please let me practice first,” and after several months of practice, she agreed to play the game. She has set up the condition for me. She said, “If I win, I want you to do another film with me.” I agreed and set my condition that “If I win then you will go and stand below Galaxy Apartments, Salman’s house and you’ll sing Dil cheez kya hai, aap meri jaan lijiye.” She was afraid to lose so she refused to play the game ever.

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