Abdul Hafeez Kardar—A name worth remembering in the history of Pakistan’s Cricket


Abdul Hafeez Kardar is a name worth remembering in the entire history of Pakistan’s Cricket. He has been hailed as the father figure of the Pakistani cricket.

Born on January 17, 1925, in Lahore, Kardar possessed such brilliant cricketing skills. His passion for the cricket was something he never compromised on. This was the reason that he always gave his best in any match being played.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has remembered this legendary cricketer in these words, “After Kardar’s retirement, Pakistan cricket was thrown to the wolves, the cricket bureaucrats whose progeny still rule the game.”

First Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team

He was selected as the first captain of the Pakistani Cricket team. He played cricket even before Pakistan came into being. His cricketing skills are acknowledged throughout the world. Before Pakistan came into being, he used to play for different teams.

Domestic Cricket

He also played Domestic Cricket for Oxford university team, Northern Indian teams and he also played for the Muslims.

Played for Both Pakistan and India

Abdul Hafeez Kardar has devoted his entire life for cricket. He was one of those very few players who played for both Pakistan and India, usually Test Matches. The other players who played for Pakistan and India were Amir Elahi and Gul Mohammad.

Appointed as Punjab Minister for Food

During the reign of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Kardar was appointed as the Punjab minister for food. He was also selected as the member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab.

An idiosyncratic Cricketer

Abdul Hafeez Kardar was a left-handed batsman and a slow-left arm spin bowler. During the initial stages, Pakistan’s cricket team has faced a lot of problems as they lack proper confidence and guidance. They were less confident, immature and inexperienced. After the partition of Pakistan, Pakistan’s cricket team has played five consecutive test matches with India under the leadership of Kardar.

During 1954-55, the Indian was fearless enough to criticize Pakistani Cricket Team for being a less experienced and immature team. However, the five test matches resulted in draw between Pakistan and India. Moreover, there was equal pressure on both teams to win the match as they were already facing clashes over the independence issues.

Under Kardar’s leadership Pakistan has won six Matches, also lost six test matches and 11 test matches were drawn out of the total 23 Test matches.

Kardar was a visionary and a true devotee of Cricket. He retired from International Test Cricket in 1958.

Pride of Performance Award

In 1958, Kardar’s brilliant performances in all the Test matches helped him bagging the “Pride of Performance” award by the government of Pakistan.

President of Pakistan Cricket Board

Kardar also served as the President of Pakistan Cricket Board from 1972-1977.

He was also Pakistan’s ambassador to Switzerland during the last few years of his life. He died on 21st April 1996.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar is indeed an inspiration for the young cricketers in Pakistan.

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