Wing Commander Abhinandan

Wing Commander Abhinandan’s last video message while leaving Pakistan


Wagah: A new video statement of Indian Pilot Abhinandan was broadcast before his release. The new video statement has cleared out Indian media’s conspiracy against Pakistan.

In that statement, Abhinandan words were, “My name is Wing Commander Abhinandan, I am a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. I was in search of the target when your [Pakistan] Air Force shot me down. I had to eject the plane which had sustained damage. As soon as I ejected and when my parachute opened and when I fell down, I had a pistol with me.”
He further stated that “There were many people. I had only one way to save myself: I dropped my pistol and tried to run. People chased me, their emotions were running high. Just then, two Pakistani Army officials came and saved me. Pakistani army captains saved from the people and did not let any harm come to me. They took me to their unit where I was administered first aid and then I was taken to the hospital where I further underwent a medical exam and received more aid.
By lauding the Pakistani Army’s hospitality and professionalism. He added that “The Pakistan Army is a very professional service. I see peace in it. I have spent time with the Pakistan Army [and] I am very impressed.”
He has also poked a finger at the Indian media who is always presenting the negative side of the picture. “Indian media always stretch the truth. The smallest of things are presented in a very incendiary manner and people get misled.” His regret for the Indian media was high.
Well, after watching this video, I am relieved enough as the Indians were claiming that the fighter jet has some technical problems due to which it just crashed down, while Abhinandan’s recent video has made it clear to shut down every Indians mouth for stating that the jet was shot down by Pakistan Air Force.

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