Abhinandan medical report

Abhinandan’s medical report declared no bugs to be implanted by Pakistan


While Pakistan handed over Indian Pilot Abhinandan to Indian Authorities late Friday as a peace gesture, the commander was sent for medical treatment. An MRI scan has reported no bugs implanted in Indian Wing Commander.

However, an injury is to be detected in his lower spine which he may encounter during his ejection form the jet after being attacked by PAF by entering into Pakistani territory.
After Pakistan has repatriated Indian Pilot, there were rumors spreading like wild fire that Pakistan has may be implanted some bugs into the commander. But the recent report that cleared all doubts as no bugs were detected in the report. The report also confirmed Pakistan’s claim of having kept the captured Indian Pilot according to the international law. The commander was treated very well by the Pakistani air force. Even a video of

Abhinandan got viral on social media lauding the Pakistani army’s professionalism.
The tensions between both neighboring countries started with Pulwama attack on February 14 when an explosives laden car was taken into an Indian paramilitary section resulted in the killing of at least 44 Indian soldiers.

Our PM Imran Khan has given them an offer of the investigation, however, the Indian authorities prefer war over peace.

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