30 to 45 percent drugs price reduction

About 30 to 45 percent reduction in the prices of 395 drugs have been made


Islamabad: The federal cabinet approved the summary of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on Tuesday evening. Chief Drug Controller has informed all the chemists and pharmacists that prices of 395 drugs have been reduced, therefore, they must change these medicines with distributors.

According to the notification, the chemists have been strictly informed if the medicines with old prices were found at their medical stores and pharmacies.
Earlier, the prices of about1, 500 medicines were raised by about 70 to 80%. However, on Tuesday, about 30 to 45 percent reduction in the prices of 395 drugs have been made by the cabinet.

Here is a list of some of the widely used medicines the prices of which have been reduced. These are, Daonil tablets Avil syrup, Fexet D tablets , Coughex syrup, Valsartan (Amlodipine ) tablets, Myconate H Cream, Ampiclox drops, Kenacomb cream, Actifed DM tablets, Buscopan, Ulsanic syrup, Tofranil tablets, Velosef suspension, Citralka syrup, Haemaccel infision, Hydreline syrup, Negram suspension, Metodine suspension, Mucain suspension, Entox P tablets, all anti-TB tablets, Tenormin tablets, Tenorit tablets, Iboprufen tablets, Metformin tablets, Norvasc tablets Cefespan capsule, suspension, Claforon injection, Ciproxin infusion, Fortum injection, Tarivid tablets, Dalacine lotion, capsules, Nerobion tablets, injections, Bronochol syrup, Bonjela gel, Burnol cream, diclofenac sodium, Nuberol Forte, Spiromide, Synflex tablets.

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