Abu Dhabi Police Release 10 Traffic Regulations for UAE National Day Festivities

Abu Dhabi Police Release 10 Traffic Guidelines for UAE National Day Celebrations:

  1. Maintain vehicle colors and avoid overloading.
  2. Refrain from offensive phrases or inappropriate stickers on vehicles.
  3. Ensure visible front and back license plates without any covering.
  4. Prohibit the use of sprays by motorists, passengers, or pedestrians.
  5. Strictly forbid reckless driving and stunts.
  6. Avoid rallies and obstructing traffic.
  7. Illegal to cover side windows or windshields with stickers or sunshades.
  8. Ensure passengers are safely seated, avoiding unsafe positions.
  9. Reduce speeds near pedestrian crossings, parks, and tourist spots.
  10. Motorcyclists must wear helmets and protective clothing for safety.

Fines for reckless driving include a Dh2,000 fine and 23 black points, with possible vehicle impoundment for 60 days. Avoid protruding from windows or sunroofs, using sprays on pedestrians, and littering from vehicles, which can result in fines and black points.

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