Accountability Court summons Maryam Nawaz

Accountability Court summons Maryam Nawaz


Islamabad: Geo News officials have reported on Tuesday, that an application was filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against Maryam Nawaz.

In the filed applications, it was written that PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz has to face a trial session over ‘fake’ trust deed that she has submitted in Avenfield House.

On account of that fake trust deed, Maryam Nawaz is being summoned by The Accountability Court on 19th July.

It is further reported that Accountability Court judge Muhammad Bashir has issued a notice to Maryam Nawaz.

On the other hand, Maryam Nawaz is warning The Accountability Court on summoning her stating that it will regret after summoning her.

She took to her twitter handle and stated that,

“If [you] are to summon me, then summon me at your own risk.”

“[You] won’t be able to listen to me, neither will you be able to bear it. You might regret it then,” she added.

Maryam declared that “The government has registered another case against me in panic after all the conspiracies were exposed during my press conference.”

“I ask the people, instead of getting answers to my questions, should I appear before the NAB, which is held hostage through audio/video clips,” she further mentioned.

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