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Actor Abid Ali passed away | Death News of Abid Ali Shocked Everyone


Veteran Pakistani actor Abid Ali passed away on Thursday night in a Karachi hospital.  Death news of Abid Ali who is also known as veteran television star was confirmed by his family. His age was 67 years. He performed different roles successfully as a director and producer as well.

Abid Ali was fighting against the liver diseases for the last many years and he was admitted in a local hospital of Karachi. The doctors tried a lot to save the life of Abid Ali but his days of life were completed. The soul of a talented and great actor has left this world now.

Who Confirmed the death news of Actor Abid Ali?

The death news of Veteran television actor Aib Ali was confirmed by his family members. One of them was his wife Rabia Abid Ali and another person was the daughter of Abid Ali named as Rahma Ali.

Great Actor Abid Ali Inteqal Kar Gai

When Was Abid Ali Born?

Abid Ali was born in 1952 in a beautiful city of Pakistan named as Quetta. He gave many successful drama and film productions to Pakistani nation. The space after Actor Abid Ali death cannot be replaced by other actors of the industry. He was a legend in true sense.

Who Was Dilawar Khan in Waris?

The role of Dilawar Khan was performed by Late Abid Ali, in a very popular Drama Waris in the year of 1979. He got the big fame from that role. The world started to know him by this character. His talent cannot be challenged easily. Another famous character by Abid Ali was in PTV drama “Jhok Sial” and it was started in 1973.

Pride of Performance Award for Abid Ali:

Abid Ali was a multi-talented person. Let us refresh your memory, in the year of 1993 PTV launched a very popular and hit drama “Dasht”. He was playing 3 roles in that drama for example:

  1. Abid Ali as a director
  2. Abid Ali as a producer
  3. Abid Ali as an actor (Role of Shams Shah)

Who are the daughters of Abid Ali?

Mr. Abid Ali’s daughters are also working in showbiz and they got popularity not only due to their father but also for their works and talents. People love those actors and artists who have natural talent. It is also blamed in the film industry or in showbiz life that anyone can jump into this profession by some reference but it is not the scenario which prevails always. If any artist or actor has no potential to perform multiple roles, then he or she cannot gain public interest for a longer time. The directors and producers cannot afford such actors which do not gain the voting of viewers. Iman Ali proved her talent by giving successful drama series and films. While on the other hand Rahma Ali, has also got much appreciation from her fans through the melodious songs.

Rumor about Abid Ali’s Death

Two days ago Rahma Ali replied over the rumors about his father’s death. “our father is still alive, “Jab tak zinda hain ye, Rahne Dain”.

Actor Abid Ali passed away

But who knew after a couple of days she will not see his dad again.

Death News of Abid Ali

She also requested the followers to pray for his health as for the last two months he was having serious health problems.

What is the timing for deceased actor Abid Ali Namaze-Janaza?

Namaz-e-Janaza will be offered today i.e after Friday prayer on 6 Sep 2019. It will be offered in Bahria Town Karachi’s mosque, “Masjid Ashiq”.

Also, see Adnan Sami’s message on microblogging platform which was like so:

President Dr. Arif Alvi’s message on Late Abid Ali’s Death:

Dr. Arif Alvi praised the services of the great actor in beautiful words. The services of Late Abid Ali cannot be skipped from the mind. We will remember him always in our minds. The deceased person’s family deserve our great sympathy. We are with them and we pay much tribute to the versatile actor who served Pakistan Television in a legendary & impressive way.

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan’s Message on the Demise of Abid Ali:

Special Assistant to the Prime minister also expressed the sorrow as well as grief for the demise of an intelligent and seasoned actor Abid Ali. She paid him tribute in these words:

     “Today Pakistan has lost another glittering start of the film, theatre, and Drama. May Allah soon Grant Him place in Jannah and the bereaved family get the courage to bear the big loss.”

Another famous actor of Pakistan Faysal Quraishi expressed the grief through the twitter message in this way.

Also check the love for this actor and you can see the tears in the eyes of people. Indeed when our dear ones leave us then it gives a lot of pain.

So, we request all his fans that after knowing the death of Abid Ali kindly pray for his high rank in Jannah.

7 thoughts on “Actor Abid Ali passed away | Death News of Abid Ali Shocked Everyone

  1. The death news of abid ali is really shocking for me. Abid ali passed away was like a big grief for me.Pakistani actors and legends are leaving the world. I pray for jannah for abid ali demise.

    1. This is the big loss of Pakistani Industry. He was such an amazing actor with his so many successful drama serials. May Allah rest his saul in peace and grant him Jannah.

  2. Ohhh Death news of Abid Ali is very sad for me.. he was a vary great man. We can’t beleve him on this news, but death for everyone atlast and the big name of industry mis you Abid Ali.

    1. yeah he had versatile qualities as director, actor and producer. May Allah GIVE HIM high rank in Jannat and sad news on the death of late abid ali.

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