Adeel Chaudhry’s “Munafiq” is another success of the modern era


Adeel Chaudhry has nver disappointed us with his unconventional roles and immense acting skills. We have alwyas seen him a docile and a nice guy who only loves to spread happiness.

However, this time, Adeel Chaudhry appeared as a rather mean character who only cares for his happiness. In the currently trending drama serial, Munafiq, he is essaying the role of a rich boy named Arman.

In this drama serial, we are seeing Adeel as a typical husband and the one who doesnt care at all. He is lost in the lust of fame power and money.


Adeel as Arman was no less. Though it is a negative character, but he has taken it to the best. He has proved himself as a stunning actor who knows how to fit himself in any character.

Being the protaginist of the play, Adeel has received ample appreciation from his fans and also secured a good position in the pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Of course, it is because of his hard work and talents tht now he is abe to make his mark in the entertainmentt indstry.


The drama serial is geeting a lot of love from their fans.

In the coming episodes of the drama serial, we will see how Arman will eventually bear the brunt of all his lies that he has spoken to Ujala while snatching her child from her.

Let’s wait together for the final episode of the serial.


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