Major Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami after getting the title of “Major” is further trolled by Pakistanis for helping Pakistan Navy


As soon as Pakistan’s former singer Adnan Sami has passed anti-Pakistan remarks, he has become a laughing stock for Pakistanis as they have trolled him at the best levels. Sometimes calling him Major Adnan Sami who has helped PAF secretly. Sometimes calling him an ISI agent doing well in India and delivering information to ISI.

Yesterday, the Indian Navy had tried to enter into Pakistani waters cunningly, however, our Pakistan Navy has detected their presence and foiled their attempts to enter into our waters. When Pakistanis congratulate Pakistan Navy for their valiant step, there were also many people who trolled Adnan Sami by thanking him for helping Pakistan Navy against Indian strike for an ‘encrypted’ message last night.

The tweet seemed to be fake, yet Pakistanis don’t care for it. They are just in search of a “moqa” to troll this man badly. Lol
Here’s another one,

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