Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone


The invention of mobile phones has brought some positive as well as negative changes in our lives. While counting on its advantages we must not forget the disadvantages that it has brought along.

Just imagine life around 2-3 decades ago. There were no mobile phones and today’s generation cannot hold that truth as they are so addicted to their mobile phones and now it has almost become a basic necessity of life. Keeping in mind the current scenario, the frequent use of the mobile phone is called ‘Nomophobia’.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

This article will unleash some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone. First of all, we will take a brief trip to the disadvantages of using a mobile phone frequently.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

  • Isolation
  • Interruption
  • Distraction
  • Expensive
  • Wastage of Time


Though cell phones were invented to shorten the distance and bring people together via electronic waves, it has become something really the opposite. Where it helps in connecting people far from the places, it has made someone isolated as well.

People are so busy using mobile phones that they do not give due time to their families and loved ones and as a result get themselves isolated.


Having a lot of applications installed within that work in the background, cell phones are a constant source of interruption. You keep on receiving notification and other related messages of the applications that you have installed on the phone.

The ringing and notifications could also make you embraced during a meeting with your CEO. The story doesn’t end here. Mobile phones can cause severe interruptions in offices, colleges, theaters, and weddings.


You must be wondering how could mobile phones be a source of distraction for many of the people. That’s true! You can be distracted by an unknown call or text while driving. Your entire concentration sides with that unknown number. That could really be very dangerous. Even it has been declared that almost 9-10 people die every day in road accidents only because the drivers got distracted with their cell phones.


We have seen in the modern era that people who have been quite passionate about adopting the latest technologies are spending a handsome amount to buy the newest models and features. Without even thinking logically, people have been seen rushing towards the more and more expensive brands of cell phones. This is nothing but simply loss of the money.

Wastage of Time

Undoubtedly, cell phones have spoiled the potentials and talents of our youth. Young people in the modern era spend hours using their phones and not even realizing how much harm it can bring into their lives.

Young people just lost into the fascinating world of the smartphone and keep on engaging themselves with different kinds of activities and games while spending hours.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

Apart from the above-mentioned disadvantages, there are certain advantages as well that smartphones have brought into our lives. So, let’s discuss here,

  • Connected the people
  • Source of Entertainment
  • Ensure Safety and Protection
  • Alarms and Reminder
  • Data Transfer
  • Source of Information

Connected the people

Mobile phones have connected the people for sure. You can stay connected with your friends and family as long as its battery runs. These mobile phones have really done wonders. No one has ever imagined that talking to a person who is not in front of you will be so easy in the future.

Even with the installment of the latest technologies, you can successfully have a video call with your loved ones no matter how far they are. This is certainly magic!

Source of Entertainment

Mobile phones have a constant source of entertainment for many people especially for adult ones. In their later age, they only find refuge in some light-hearted comedy or playful scenes. Even there are multiple game options available in smartphones. You can easily install any of your desires games as long as you have an internet connection. So, sticking to a single game is no worry these days.

Ensure Safety and Protection

You are just one thought away from considering your smartphone as your safety gadget. Yes! Smartphones have made life so easy that you find no worries at all. While traveling you forget the exact location or address. Simple turn on location on your phone and get complete directions about your destination.

Even if you just get hijacked, the GPRS facility in your phone can help the authorities to locate you easily.  Moreover, in case of any emergency or accident, you can simply call the related authorities to help you out.

Alarms and Reminder

The reminder option has actually eased the life of those people who have problems in memorizing certain things. You can prepare your reminder or to-do list in your cell phone and forget the chance of losing any of the ides about it.

You can also set alarms according to your requirements, you can select the sound of your own choice and get easily notified at the exact time. It’s really interesting, isn’t it?

Data Transfer

In ancient times, people visited post offices to send their important documents or photos at certain locations. However, in the modern era, this problem has also been solved while using a mobile phone. Data can be easily transferred to the desired authorities.

Source of Information

It can turn out to be a useful source of information as well. In ancient times, people rely upon radios or newspapers to get themselves fully up to date about the current happenings. However, with mobile phones, it is quite easy to find out the latest happenings in the world.

So, these were some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone. Above all these ways and sources, one thing that really matters, is the way you have been utilizing your cell phone. While using wisely and not getting addicted to its colorful world, it can be of vital importance. It’s entirely up to you that which side (Either positive or negative) you want to choose for yourself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone
This article will unleash some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone. First of all, we will take a brief trip to the disadvantages of using a mobile phone frequently.
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