After Fawad Chaudhry, another PTI Politician has attacked a journalist during a Live Talk Show


Politics in Pakistan is getting complex day after day. We have witnessed people getting aggressive on the National TV Shows. However, there wasn’t any case where a physical fight between the host and the guest takes place.

But, it seemed that for now, people tend towards physical abuse very easily. Politicians have been seen oppressing and slapping the journalist over opposite views. This is certainly ridiculous and is not acceptable at any case no matter who the hell are you.

Whether you are Naeem ul Haque or Fawad Chaudhry, social media attacks are unbearable.

Recently, another PTI leader, Mansoor Sial has caught into a fist with the journalist and stated that he was doing ‘badtameezi’ while speaking on the National TV.

Here’s the video clip,

In my view point, this wasn’t enough reason to attack someone physically. But that’s what Mansoor Sahab has done.

The video went viral on social media and people started slamming the PTI government and its leaders. In the video clip, it has been clearly shown how two individuals entered into a heated argument and ended up taking collars of one another. This is indeed a shameful act especially when you are on National TV.

Politicians like Naeem ul Haque were also quick to response over the viral video clip. After witnessing the whole scenario he commented that this violent act is unacceptable at any cost, so Mansoor Sial should be given a high penalty on behaving like this.

We are living in 2019, so, rather than behaving like a civilized nation we are following the steps of our old uncivilized people who indulged in fights over the slights issues. This is a time for a change. So, we must change ourselves as well and at least make a practice to behave well before the audience.

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