Yasir Hussain problematic statement

After Hania Amir, Yasir Hussain has made yet another problematic statement for Mahira Khan


Being the king of controversies, Yasir Hussain has once again invited the wrath of the public upon him after making another problematic statement for Mahira Khan. According to him, Mahira doesn’t know ‘how to act’, and this was enough for Mahira’s fans to drag Yasir Hussain.

Earlier, he has been indulged in controversies after declaring Hania Amir ‘Danedaar’. 

This time he has targeted Pakistan’s leading actress Mahira Khan said that she doesn’t know how to act.

He has started a Q&A session on his twitter handle where his fans or random people ask questions to him and he replied them. One of his fans has asked him to pick between Iqra Aziz and Mahira Khan. At this, he stated:

“Obviously Iqra ..Mahira agar acting seekh len toh Mahira.

As soon as he has posted this reply, the whole social media was set on fire.

People started questioning his own existence. Some have actually questioned his acting skills. They started making statements about his mental condition.

It seemed that if Yasir Hussain will keep on making problematic statements against stars or degrading his fellow celebrities, then soon he will be left alone as no one will be on his side. This is not something which a star is supposed to do. He should learn to respect other. He can’t poke fun at others no matter what the context is.

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