After Mohsin Abbas Haider, his wife Fatima Sohail is also claiming to have won the case


Yesterday, we have witnessed Mohsin’s video along with his legal consultant. In the video, they have presented the fact that the Session court has found Mohsin Abbas Haider as innocent of breach of trust and money demanding case.

Necessary information has been provided by his lawyer, he himself admitted that Alhamdulillah he has been proved innocent.


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However, his wife Fatima Sohail has contradictory remarks about his recently uploaded video. She has shared a news report which has presented the opposite view of what Mohsin has claimed.

She shared the news that she has actually won the case and the session court has found her accused husband Mohsin as the guilty one.
She also uploaded a video of her along with her legal consultant who explained how he was found innocent only in the breach of trust and money demanding case and not from the domestic violence, and intimidation case. He would indeed suffer for all these crimes.


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Alhamdullilah,🙏 Mohsin Abbas Haider found guilty of ridiculing and threatening his wife! Mohsin is proven guilty! I have on several occassions already mentioned that I did not lodge an FIR on that night. The medical I have is doctor’s immediate screening in form of prescription and medication. I uploaded that for public & I am glad to do so. Let’s not give any one ‘s acting skill change the course of truth. Over this tenure I have received 100s of messages of ladies going through same ordeal. I am lucky to have a voice of 1000s of people but 1000s of ladies have voice of none. I will not back out! I will fight this! If I can, so can you! I will not let a drama change the course. Thankyou & grateful for the support! AND Mr Mohsin, High Time! Stop your lies..

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In the video we have clearly seen how Fatima’s lawyer has presenting the other side of Mohsin’s video. Fatima Sohail also claimed that he has been receiving extensions and leniency owing to his strong social circle, reach, and contacts.

People are really getting confused as to whom they should trust and to whom they shouldn’t. However, soon the truth will prevail and we’ll see who is right and who is wrong.

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