Age for Marriage

Age for Marriage Extended to 18


According to the previous record of Child Marriage Restraint Bill, 16 years of age was considered as the legal age for marriage for women while 18 years for men.

Amendments in the Bill

Well, leading to a significant start of the year 2019, a bill was being passed yesterday, in which the Senate’s Functional Committee on Human Rights agreed to modify the bill extending the age of marriage both for men and women up to 18 years.

18 years is considered an appropriate age for marriage and it is acknowledged all over the world. People under 18 are considered immature not knowing the realities of life properly. 18 or above 18 are somehow, conscious of their actions and behave sensibly, therefore, 18 years is considered an appropriate age for marriage now a days. According to reports from Shireen Mazari, the bill carries full government support. After the announcement of the bill, the social media was overburdened by the posts and tweets of the masses relating their views about the Bill.

Public views

According to the local public of Pakistan, the Bill, somehow, proved to be a step taken wisely to demote child marriage. Some people thought that child marriages occur because of the lack of proper education and our rural areas mostly suffered from this. It is the duty of the government officials to spread awareness among the masses about pre-mature marriages.  The overall views from the public were satisfactory.

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