Agha Ali and Sarah Khan

Agha Ali and Sarah Khan may have Broken Up


The most loveable couple of the Pakistani drama industry, Agha Ali and Sarah Khan, has won the hearts of many of their fans. But a recent post by Agha Ali is making the entire nation suspect that there is something between them now as they are no longer seen hanging out together as they do in the past few days. The couple looks great because of the chemistry that both the stars possess. Whether it’s a ramp or a party or a lunch invitation, we have always spotted them together.

Agha Ali has posted on his instagram account, a deep quote which is as follows,

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Effects of the Post

The above mentions quote by Agha Ali has already made his fans a bit worried about his relationship with Sarah Khan. Coming towards the post I would rather say that in our personal lives we also share some stuff that is only worth sharing we don’t have some personal concern or a deep message hidden in it. Agha Ali may have share the post casually. However, the only thing that has made his fans suspicious is that he did not have any picture of Sarah in his account. He is not following her either. The fun loving pictures of both the stars has suddenly disappeared. Are you smelling a rat?

Whatever the matter is we are not quite sure about their break up. If the rumor goes true then this would certainly breaks the hearts of their fans and if it would be false then we can only wish them the best of the time together. Stay tuned with us to get yourself updated about the latest happenings.

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