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Ahmed Ali Butt has spoken up to not take feminism in the wrong direction


As soon as the Aurat March 2019 came into the limelight, everybody started commenting on it. The Aurat March 2019, has belittled the real meaning of the March. A number of awkward placards were shown by a handful of women that made no sense to us. Instead of spreading positivity, this year’s Aurat March has only given a negative impact.

Owing to these awkward, and senseless posters, the real issues were neglected completely. Women were supposed to protest against physical abuse, male chauvinism, marital violence, marital rape and etc. but what they were actually doing? They just focused on hating men, not becoming their right hand, they were rather belittling their status.

On this point, just like other matured and sensible men, Ahmed Ali Butt has also put up his stance on it.


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He wrote, “It’s amazing to see some women hold a banner of “Apni Roti Khud Banao” as if they make roties every day in their homes…Babi Instagram ya Snapchat sy fursat millay get u maloom hoga na ke roti kaysay pakte hay. Stop using #feminism, as an excuse to Hate on Men or to increase your followers. True #feminism is about men and women working as a team and sharing responsibilities let that be a woman making roti while your man picks up Kids from school or man putting kids to sleep while your wife has a job to do.
So let’s make it clear that with a supporting woman a man is complete and with a supporting man a woman is free. Thank you”.

Well, I am absolutely agreeing with Ahmed Ali Butt. A clear understanding of feminism should be promoted. Rather than hating each other we are to work together. Gender equality is the one, feminism focuses on. And gender equality doesn’t mean degrading gender roles. We need to learn the difference.

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