Ahmedabad Declared as ‘No Drones Fly Zone’ on Pak Vs India High-Voltage Clash

The Ahmedabad police have taken a significant security measure by declaring the city a “no-drone zone” during the India-Pakistan ICC World Cup Cricket Match scheduled for October 14, 2023, at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

The notification, issued by Ahmedabad Police Commissioner GS Malik, is a proactive response to the high-profile nature of the match and aims to ensure the safety and security of the event and the spectators.

The ban extends to a range of airborne activities, including drones, quadcopters, powered aircraft, microlight aircraft, hang gliders, paragliders, paramotors, hot air balloons, and parachuting, emphasizing the authorities’ commitment to safeguarding the event from potential security threats or disruptions.

Ahmedabad was declared a ‘No Drones Fly Zone’ for the high-voltage clash between Pakistan and India.

This allows for controlled and monitored airspace during the event, minimizing any potential risks associated with unauthorized airborne activities.

Such security measures are common during high-profile sporting events, especially when they involve international teams, to prevent any disturbances, protect the players and spectators, and maintain the overall integrity of the game.

It highlights the significance of safety and security in today’s world, especially in events that draw significant attention and scrutiny.

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