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Ahmed’s violence resulted in Maryam’s miscarriage – Kaisa Hy Naseeban


Kaisa Hy Naseeban is a drama serial by ARY Digital that is conducted against marital abuse. Ramsha Khan, the one who is always treated as an object to be oppressed on, has very dramatically shown off the sufferings and difficulties that a woman can be subjected to after her marriage.

Maryam Kaisa Hy Naseeban

If you have not yet watched the recent episodes of the drama serial ‘Kaisa Hy Naseeban’, then I would suggest you watch it as soon as possible. There is much more to learn from this drama serial. First and foremost, if your daughter repeatedly told you that she is not easy at her house and have to suffer there, it is your duty to give an ear to it rather than considering it a mere change in a girl’s life. That’s what Maryam’s parents lack and as a consequence, now they have to suffer more. Yes, Maryam who have been expected with a baby can never become a mother again. Ahmed’s violence has taken the life of her baby and even given her a life time punishment of not becoming a mother again.

Waheed, who always considered her his sister and respected her was being questioned for his relation with Maryam. Both Maryam and Waheed were accused of having an extra marital affair with each other. Sana left her house and in an argument, after the mishap happened to Maryam, Waheed has just given divorce to Sana for her abusive language.

Waheed is even planning of filing a case against Maryam’s in-laws for treated her fiercely. However, Maryam doesn’t want to file a case against them. She just asked the doctor and Waheed to send her to her parents back in Pakistan.

Maryam miscarriage

The next episodes contain twists and are full of curiosity. Maryam speaks aloud about Ahmed’s violence and aggressive nature to her parents, explaning each and everything that Ahmed has done to her while arriving at Malaysia. There will be a lot of melodrama between families. Don’t miss out the next episodes. You’ll enjoy them.


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