AI Image Generation is now accessible at no cost via Google Bard.

In its most recent update, Google has introduced new generative AI functionalities to its Maps platform, along with significant enhancements for Bard. One major improvement involves the integration of Gemini Pro, Google’s latest multimodal AI model, into Bard across all available languages and regions.

Previously restricted to English, the inclusion of Gemini Pro brings advanced features to Bard, spanning comprehension, reasoning, summarization, and coding. This expansion ensures a more comprehensive and enriched experience for Bard users worldwide.

A standout feature of this update is Bard’s newfound capability to generate images, a service now accessible in English and available in “most countries worldwide.” What makes this feature unique is its free availability to users. The image generation feature is powered by Google’s cutting-edge Imagen 2 model, striking a balance between quality and speed to provide high-quality and realistic results.

"free AI image generation via Google Bard."

Using Bard’s image generation feature is straightforward: users simply provide a brief description. Upon receiving the input, Bard generates customized and diverse visuals to illustrate the concept. To maintain transparency, Bard utilizes SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks within the pixels of generated images, indicating their AI-generated nature.

An important addition for users is the ability to cross-reference Bard’s responses with Google search results in over 40 languages. By clicking on the G icon, users can evaluate whether there is web content that corroborates Bard’s response. This feature enhances user engagement, providing highlighted phrases and the opportunity to explore additional details related to supporting or conflicting information found through Google search.

Overall, these updates to Bard demonstrate Google’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities and providing users with enhanced features, including free AI image generation and improved cross-referencing with Google search results. These additions aim to make AI more accessible and useful to a global audience.

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