AI Is Really Leading Us to the Destruction of Mankind?


We are all enjoying our lives using the help of technology, which makes it easier to do thousands of difficult jobs. But at the same time, these technologies have their disadvantages as well. Artificial Intelligence is one of those inventions which seems like a simple application to run a gadget or equipment as per the given directions but with time it is becoming more than an application. The Application which can create chaos if put in a machine capable of doing much more.

We see the use of AI in smartphones and other gadgets but it is now being used more frequently in the weapons and fighter aircraft. The problem emerges when we give permission to AI bots to shoot a human in a specific scenario without any input from a human. This thing worries us as we can see many videos of drones and bots capable of killing people. These inventions are facilitating us but will eventually kill us in no time in case of a minor malfunction.

Many corporations are working on these concepts and tech giants Microsoft and Amazon are on the top of the list. In different ways, these technologies always affect humans and a simple example is the digitization of different functions reducing the requirement of manpower and ultimately increasing unemployment. We are getting stuck into the trap of benefits but are forgetting the long-lasting effects yet to be faced by the human race in the coming future.

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