AIOU Result 2020 FA

AIOU Result 2020 FA


The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is one of Pakistan’s oldest universities. AIOU is facilitating its students for many years.

AIOU Classes

It was primarily established for all those students who could make it possible to attend online classes at AIOU on account of personal and financial issues. However, at this time it is conducting private papers of the students from all over the country.

There are multiple sub-campuses of Allama Iqbal Open Universities that are working in different cities of Pakistan. however, the AIOU head office is located at Islamabad. It will be worth noticing that this university is conducting examinations from Matric to Ph.D.

So, there is no wonder why it is the most trusted and authentic one among the rest of the colleges and universities that are conducting private exams of the students. Alike other famous universities of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal Open University is also based on the semester system. It conducted exams twice a year. The details of the Autumn and Spring semesters are given in the respective campuses of aiou.

AIOU Result 2020 FA

Results are very much important in the lives of the students. After exams, they are anxiously waiting for their results. Well, it must be clear first that apart from the result waiting students, there are other students as well who wait for the result only to check the performance. They are those students who have completed their Bachelor or Master degrees. AIOU Result 2020 FA given below

These students want to make themselves up-to-date about the AIOU Result. AIOU is also giving the facility of checking up the previous result history. It is only possible at the Islamabad branch. Now the question is how to check the previous result history. You only have to open the website, then select the level of the study program and then click on the results option. You will get a previous result history.

Allama Iqbal Open University

When it comes to the geographical area of the Allama Iqbal Open University, it is of great importance. Just like Punjab University, AIOU is also hailed for having a huge geographical area. It is often hailed as one of the largest educational institutes in Pakistan.

There is another option of Result Withheld (RW) in Allama Iqbal Open University. The concept behind the RW is that those students who have not scored good grades or received an in finalized results, then they can visit their course instructor. They can only check the assessment policy and will get to know about their final grades.

Having a degree from Allama Iqbal Open University can be of great importance during your job interview.

AIOU Result 2020 FA

AIOU FA results are usually announced in the month of August or September. You can check your FA result directly through their official website or you can visit it physically to know all the details about your result.

To check online results, you have to go to their official website that is offering online results. Currently, they are offering result details for Spring Semester 2019.

They are providing multiple program options. You have to select your respective program and click on submit. Then you have to type your roll no. and then your results will be displayed on your computer screens.

The helpLine of AIOU:


Official Email of AIOU:


Address of AIOU / Head Office of AIOU:

Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad-44000, Pakistan.

AIOU Result 2020 FA
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AIOU Result 2020 FA
The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is one of Pakistan’s oldest universities. AIOU is facilitating its students for many years.
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