Akmal jabs at Amir over settling in England.

Kamran Akmal shared his thoughts on Mohammad Amir’s potential comeback to the Pakistan team.

Akmal believes that players who have played domestic cricket for a long time should be given fair consideration.

Akmal believes that a player should not be limited by domestic cricket and should be given the chance to perform if they excel in all formats of the game and have the ability to make a comeback in Test cricket. He also thinks that age should not be a barrier if the player proves their worth. Akmal made these comments in relation to efforts to bring back a player trying to settle in England.

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Recognizing players who are trying to regain their position in the national team by playing in club cricket is important, according to a 41-year-old.He emphasized the importance of considering those who are striving to make a comeback to the national team by playing club cricket and exhibiting their efforts.

Amir’s potential return to the cricket team is a hot topic among fans. However, the wicketkeeper batsman believes that a better policy is needed for all players, not just for Amir.

The wicketkeeper batsman stated that the policy and vision for the cricket team should not be limited to specific players like Amir or Junaid Khan. He emphasized the need for a non-discriminatory policy that does not consider past history or reputation.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 06 April, 2023.

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