Mahnoor Embroidered Eid Festive collection 2019

Al Zohaib Mahnoor embroidered Eid Festive Collection 2020


Muslims are eagerly waiting for the Eid festivities. Different fashion brands are on their marks to provide quality outfits to their customers.

Women never forget to look perfect on special occasions like Eid or weddings. They love to wear dresses which are not just comfortable but also classy and graceful.

Al Zohaib—A Name worth mentioning

Among the world’s most influencing and acclaimed fashion designers Al Zohaib is being hailed for offering very classy and chic attires. This fashion house is not only famous for providing a list of perfect ensembles but also set trends which are really new to this world.

Mahnoor embroidered Eid Festive Collection

Recently the brand has introduced its freshly designed Eid Collection which is titled as “Mahnoor Embroidered Eid Festive collection 2019”.

The entire collection is a master piece in itself. For example, the dresses carry a lot of beautiful color combinations which is actually a form of art. Some brands just messed up with the color schemes. However, they have dealt with the colors not just perfectly but also brilliantly. Bright colors including yellow, pink, green, blue, black and peach will make your event even more special.

It’s not about just the colors, but the floral patterns, unique designs, and chic styles have made this collection a master piece among the rest of the collections by other brands.

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