Aleem khan Granted Bail by Lahore

Aleem khan Granted Bail by Lahore High Court, Criticises NAB


Lahore High Court has granted bail to Ex-Minister and PTI leader Abdul Aleem khan in the assets case. A division bench headed by Justice Ali Baqir Najfi announced the reserved decision.

The Bench ordered Aleem khan to submit of  Rs 1 crore Machtalky against bail. Meanwhile, in a statement issued by Aleem Khan, PTI leader said that NAB should investigate first then file a proper case against any person. Ex-Minister said the arresting without proper investigation and filing a case cannot be justified by NAB.

For PTI team members this bail is clear evidence that no one is superior to law. NAB has full right to investigate against any person whether he or she is in government or not. NAB will file a case if the investigation team thinks there is a public interest involved.

It is also reported that after the bail Aleem Khan is expected to give high responsibilities in the party. Now he seems to be one of the more dedicated political workers in the party.

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